The Challenges of Working From Home: Part One

cafe latte

Lots and lots of coffee

I could never work from home.

I don’t know how you do it, I’d never be that motivated.

I hear this almost every time I tell someone new that I work from home. Sometimes, the way people say it sounds negative, almost like I’m doing something wrong by working from home. This is kind of funny, because I know they don’t mean it that way at all. I realize it’s likely because people honestly don’t understand how working from home can be productive. How do I do it? How could you do it?

This is the first of a brief series of posts of my perception of the amazing and challenging parts of working from home.

Love What You Do

I wake up in the morning excited to start the coffee, work out, and start designing.

This is a must. If you don’t love what you do, I don’t see how it could work. I’m not saying that I love every task of working from home, but you have to love the end result of your work. It is called “work” for a reason, because there’s sometimes much effort in getting to an end result that is satisfying for both you and the client. But seeing that end product in print or online is really rewarding.

I also really enjoy talking with clients to see how I can help them with their design or web problems, because I like helping people in general. I love the creative outlet and detail involved in designing, whether it’s in print or for the web. I like the challenge of figuring out a problem when building a website. Most of all, I love when my clients take my advice on a project and they reap huge benefits when it’s launched. It’s nice to do a work where you have people trust you and your job is to do everything you can to help them be the best they can be. I can honestly say that I’m more satisfied with my life than I’ve ever been.

Sometimes it takes effort to get into the “zone” and get myself in gear. I usually do it by turning up the speakers, making some (more) coffee, and looking for inspiring elements of design online and in print.

Am I always motivated? Heck no. Do I always stay on task? Nope. How do I deal with that? I’ll cover this in my next blog post.

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