Re-evaluating Your Website Goals

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Re-evaluate your website goals twice a year

One of the first steps to making a website more successful online is to establish your roots. What are you doing? Where are you going? What are your long (and short) term goals?

If you worked with us on designing your website, those are questions we ask up front. You would have received this information in your personalized Information Architecture document. (If you have lost that information, please let us know and we’ll send you a copy!) Or if you aren’t ready for a full website design and development, but want to run through that exercise, we’re happy to help!

Setting Website Goals

When you first create your website, you have specific goals and tons of motivation. As the website sits, those goals get fuzzy and lost in the daily to-do-list that is your all-encompassing work. If you feel those goals have become fuzzy or disjointed, your user’s will feel it too.

So please, schedule a website goal review meeting! During that time, review things like:

  • What were our original (long and short-term) goals for the website? Have those changed?
  • How do our goals ultimately help our business or organization?
  • Is the website converting like we thought it would? Why or why not? (See Analyzing Your Web Traffic below.)
  • What type of feedback are we getting from our user’s?
  • Are pieces of the website not getting updated? Why or why not?

Then itemize the results out into tasks and set priorities for what actions need to be taken (and deadlines) to ensure they get done. We’d also recommend setting regular times to review progress made on these tasks. Not only is it important for making your website useful to your visitors, but it’s very important for SEO.

It’s important to re-evaluate your website goals twice a year to keep things on track.

Analyzing Your Web Traffic

Designate someone to analyze your website’s traffic and to provide monthly reports on how the website is performing. (Tip: you should be using Google Analytics if we built your website.)

We’ll talk more in an upcoming blog post about things that person should be watching for.

Schedule a Consultation

Sometimes all you need is someone to help direct a goal review meeting or a second set of eyes to spot potential issues. We’ve used Google Analytics to spot things like malicious attacks and user experience issues that were losing the client thousands per month (yes, in U.S. dollars).

We work with clients in various states and time zones. So, if you need help with your website, just contact us.

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