What is an SSL Certificate?

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SSL certificates help protect your private information

The web isn’t encrypted by default. That means, it’s not too hard for another person connected to your network to watch (and get) data you send to and receive from websites.

For example, if you’re working from a coffee shop and enter in a credit card number. That data can be pretty easily recorded. How do we prevent this?
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Website Maintenance & Security


It’s less costly to prevent a website hack then to fix it.

People hack websites for the same reasons they put viruses on your home computer. Those reasons are all primarily money driven but can be anything from using your website to attack other websites, using it to send spam emails, attacking large corporations, or even just bragging rights.

Your website is an investment for your company. You need to protect this just like you would any other investment. Some ways you can do this are: Continue reading

Using Google Adwords Across a Domain and Subdomain

We recently worked with a client who has a website that feeds leads to a separate Ruby on Rails app. The website was set up on a proper domain like “domain.com”. The Rails app was set up on a subdomain like “sub.domain.com”. Keep in mind that these websites are on separate domains and separate servers, but we wanted to track the success of our client’s Adwords campaigns from start to finish. Continue reading

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