Using Gmail SMTP on GoDaddy’s Virtual Private Servers

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Blog Post Update: SMTP connect() failed

Update made on August 29, 2014

After several months of this working, the contact form I was using on my client’s GoDaddy installation stopped working. I would see that the contact form submitted as the information was logged within the backend of WordPress. However, the client would never receive the email. When I ran some debugging tests I received the error of
SMTP connect() failed.

If you receive this error, you have to call in again and they add in a script to the server. Again, this takes an hour to start working. They weren’t clear as to why this stopped working, but I thought I should update this post in case anyone else is having issues.

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The Well Map Website Design

Coffee. So necessary.

Designed for mobile devices.

For those in the oil and gas industry, gathering and curating well data is generally either labor intensive or expensive. The Well Map‘s goal is to make this easier and more affordable.

While I designed and developed the custom WordPress front-end, Karl Becker of KB Productions developed the form filtering functionality and mapping the data points on the map. Continue reading

Women of Innovation Finalist

Salad... or cake?!

Salad… or cake?!

I was a finalist in the 2013 Women of Innovation awards that took place yesterday. The reception dinner was really beautiful. I was tempted with cake from the very start!

It was a very well put together event with great speakers.

Dr. Terry Wahls, M.D. was the keynote speaker. Her story was unlike any I’ve ever heard so I can definitely see why they chose her! To summarize, she was in a wheelchair and faced with being bed-ridden and reversed her own Multiple Sclerosis through means of a paleo diet and neuromuscular stimulation.

She’s also written a book entitled The Wahls Protocol documenting her struggles and discovery, which you can order through Prairie Lights in Iowa City.

They had a record number of finalists for all categories this year! The category I was nominated for was Entrepreneurial Innovation and Leadership. All of us had to have started businesses and overcome some big obstacles as well. The finalist list for my category was:

  • Anitha Nallure – ePATHUSA
  • Ashley Hubler – University of Iowa
  • Breahna Galbreath (Beecher) – Revive Design Studios
  • Emma Peterson – Tikly
  • Erin Rollenhagen – Entrepreneurial Technologies
  • Kate Holt – University of Iowa
  • Terry Wahls – University of Iowa

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iOS App Design for Breakthrough Stats

A new iOS app I designed has just been released in the iTunes app store! Breakthrough Stats iOS app helps coaches, players, and parents efficiently track stats during fast paced basketball games.

I worked on a team with Karl Becker and Joe Seeley to craft this project from start to finish. My role during the project was primarily related to User Experience Design and Graphic Design.

Within 1 week of release, this app took over the #2 spot for the Paid Sports Apps category in the iTunes store! Continue reading

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