The Challenges of Working From Home: Part One

cafe latte

Lots and lots of coffee

I could never work from home.

I don’t know how you do it, I’d never be that motivated.

I hear this almost every time I tell someone new that I work from home. Sometimes, the way people say it sounds negative, almost like I’m doing something wrong by working from home. This is kind of funny, because I know they don’t mean it that way at all. I realize it’s likely because people honestly don’t understand how working from home can be productive. How do I do it? How could you do it? Continue reading

Don’t Kid Yourself, Hire a Professional Photographer.

Photo and packaging design by Nick Beecher

Photo and packaging design by Nick Beecher

You decide to built a website, create new marketing materials, etc. Your designer suggests you hire a professional photographer. Cringe, you think, “I don’t want to spend the money,” maybe you just avoid us for a while thinking we’ll forget about it. We won’t.

What is our motivation? We want you to have great, effective materials. You could have the very best Graphic/Web Designer and mediocre photos. What do you think that does to the overall look and feel of your design for which you paid to have custom made? Continue reading

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