Navigating Google Analytics Data Retention Changes

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Don’t allow Analytics changes to cause you to lose your way

Google Analytics data retention settings are changing starting on May 25, 2018. From then on, some of your Analytics data will be automatically deleted. The deleted data will be event and user data associated with cookies, user-identifiers and advertising identifiers. However, these controls do not affect most standard reporting, which is based on aggregated data. Continue reading

How to View Google Analytics by Hour of Day and Day of Week

How to view Google Analytics by Hour, Day of the Week, and Date of the month

Use Google Analytics to view website traffic by hour

In order to make better business and marketing decisions, you need to understand how well marketing campaigns are working on your website. Once of the ways to do this is to determine when your traffic time periods are high and low. What a lot of businesses don’t know is: You can really fine-tune your website analytics data. You can even view Google Analytics by hour of day. Continue reading

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