What is Responsive Design?

Responsive Design

This is a method of designing and developing websites to be easy-to-use and read across all screen (browser) sizes.

Technically, it means that the HTML of a website stay’s the same but the CSS changes based on the width of the browser using CSS Media Queries.

For an example of how a responsive example of how a responsive site might look, see the photo below or to go The Well Map and resize your browser to the width of a tablet. The Well Map was a Denver website development project Breahna and Karl worked on together.

The Well Map Responsive Website Development & Design

A Denver website. Breahna designed & developed the front-end

Why You Need Responsive Design

Immediately, I can think of four good reasons. However, there’s plenty more pros. Continue reading

The Well Map Website Design

Coffee. So necessary.

Designed for mobile devices.

For those in the oil and gas industry, gathering and curating well data is generally either labor intensive or expensive. The Well Map‘s goal is to make this easier and more affordable.

While I designed and developed the custom WordPress front-end, Karl Becker of KB Productions developed the form filtering functionality and mapping the data points on the map. Continue reading

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