The Well Map Website Design

Coffee. So necessary.

Designed for mobile devices.

For those in the oil and gas industry, gathering and curating well data is generally either labor intensive or expensive. The Well Map‘s goal is to make this easier and more affordable.

While I designed and developed the custom WordPress front-end, Karl Becker of KB Productions developed the form filtering functionality and mapping the data points on the map. Continue reading

The Challenges of Working From Home: Part One

cafe latte

Lots and lots of coffee

I could never work from home.

I don’t know how you do it, I’d never be that motivated.

I hear this almost every time I tell someone new that I work from home. Sometimes, the way people say it sounds negative, almost like I’m doing something wrong by working from home. This is kind of funny, because I know they don’t mean it that way at all. I realize it’s likely because people honestly don’t understand how working from home can be productive. How do I do it? How could you do it? Continue reading

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