Celebrate EDU

SaaS Development

  • We develop beautiful ecommerce websites to make businesses grow

  • Celebrate EDU is a Colorado non-profit who created Trailblazer, a recurring donation program. The donations go towards helping self-advocates with learning disabilities learn business skills. They even learn how to become an entrepreneurs!

    We were excited when Celebrate told us about their idea to help self-advocates while keeping donors up-to-date on how their donations are helping. So we helped design, create, and launch their initial Trailblazer program using a custom ReactJS app and the Stripe API.

    After this amazing program kept growing, Celebrate realized they needed to automate the load of managing these recurring donations. So we designed and developed their Trailblazer account management software. This web application allows a user to securely update their credit card information, contact info, and donation amounts. It’s flexible and scalable, so we can easily add onto it as future needs arise.


    As soon as we launched, donors immediately increased their monthly giving contributions through the new website.

    One user had been donating through another means. Once they saw the new website we designed, they got very excited to be a Trailblazer and signed up right away.

    Celebrate is now able to market their Trailblazer program more broadly, since their internal processes have been made more efficient.

    AWS Partner

    AWS Development PartnerAs members of the Amazon Web Services Partner Network, we’re well versed in AWS tools, features, and scalability. Our goal is to be able to readily support the growing Trailblazer program. So we used Amazon Web Services: Cognito, Amplify, Cloudfront, and SES to build an easily scalable web application.

    Because of using AWS, we are now able to achieve Celebrate’s future goals faster.


    • User accounts
    • Users can manage their own donation amounts, credit cards, and personal info
    • Automated Stripe subscriptions


    • AOV increased immediately upon release
    • Number of recurring subscriptions increased 5x
    • Users switched over to this platform, automating expensive internal processes


    • AWS Cognito, Amplify, and Cloudfront
    • Stripe API integration
    • ReactJS
    • Node & Express
    • Amazon SES