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ReactJS quiz app
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  • ROKA wanted to be able to lead a user directly to the pair (or pairs) of eyewear they would prefer. We were able to custom build this ReactJS app for them to meet all of their requirements.

    They are now able to collect data they weren’t able to gather before regarding user preferences. Now, instead of guessing what their target market would buy, they can actually tailor new product development toward products that their current customers would actually want.

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    The Results

    Our work has helped ROKA increase revenue and offer additional high-end products including: the RISE collection and prescription eyewear. All of this while improving customer satisfaction.


    It’s been a pleasure working with Revive. They are so knowledgeable in any and everything you need to know about keeping your website updated with the latest technology and providing the best user experience. Anything you can imagine your site doing, they can make it happen!

    – Susie S., ROKA, Project Manager

    AWS & Shopify Partners

    AWS Development Partner

    As members of the Amazon Web Services Partner Network, we have access to exclusive AWS technical training. So we’re well versed in AWS architecture, tools, features, and scalability. Using AWS helps us achieve our goal of being able to quickly support and respond to ROKA’s needs as they grow.


    Shopify Partner Logo

    In addition, as registered Shopify Partners, we’re familiar with the Shopify APIs available to pull the data we need to build these custom ReactJS apps. So we worked with the Shopify API on this project to achieve ROKA’s goals.


    Denver eCommerce Development

    An eCommerce site needs constant attention and a team that’s available at a moment’s notice. We know it’s important to keep conversion rates, average order value, website speed, backups, and event tracking high on your radar. Let’s talk about your eCommerce website and see how we can help make you more successful.


    • Filters down the available selections as a user is going through the quiz
    • Generates a collection of eyewear products tailored to the user
    • Mobile-friendly web app


    • 18% user Exit Rate. That’s 2.6x lower than industry average.
    • Hundreds of thousands of engagements
    • Grew a very large, personalized and targeted email list
    • Ability to predict what undeveloped products customers want
    • Ability to personalize email and SMS marketing to user groups


    • ReactJS
    • Amazon Web Services
    • Zaius & Optimizely API
    • Shopify API