Shopify’s 100 Variant Limit

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  • ROKA is a technical apparel and eyewear ecommerce company. Their athletes have won numerous world titles, including Olympic gold in triathlon and speed skating, as well as taking multiple Tour de France cycling stages wins and the Dakar Rally.

    They wanted their website’s technical capabilities to align with the products that they offer.

    The Issue

    Shopify’s 100 Variant Limit

    Shopify has a limit of only 100 variants per product. According to Shopify, “Each product can have up to 3 options. The options can be different from product to product. For example, one product can use size, color, and style, and another product can use weight, finish, and material.” Each combination of those is considered a variant.

    ROKA wanted to offer a customizable sunglasses line, but hit a roadblock due to this limit.

    Our Solution

    We designed and developed this ReactJS web application to allow users to design their own sunglasses. This custom integration is unique in the Shopify ecommerce space. We built it so that ROKA can expand it as much as they need using Amazon Web Services and an API.

    We made the app integration seamless so it fits right in their Shopify site. We’ve also created stand alone product customizers, such as Maven’s customizable builder application.


    The Results

    Our work has helped ROKA increase revenue and offer additional high-end products including: the RISE collection and prescription eyewear. All of this while improving customer satisfaction.


    It’s been a pleasure working with Revive. They are so knowledgeable in any and everything you need to know about keeping your website updated with the latest technology and providing the best user experience. Anything you can imagine your site doing, they can make it happen!

    – Susie S., ROKA, Project Manager

    About Us

    AWS & Shopify Partners

    AWS Development Partner

    As members of the Amazon Web Services Partner Network, we have access to exclusive AWS technical training. So we’re well versed in AWS tools, architecture, features, and scalability. Using AWS helps us achieve our goal of being readily able to support and respond to ROKA’s growing needs.


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    In addition, as registered Shopify Partners, we’re familiar with the Shopify APIs available to pull the data we need to build these custom ReactJS apps. So we also worked with the Shopify API on this project to achieve ROKA’s goals.


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    An eCommerce site needs constant attention and a team that’s available at a moment’s notice. We know it’s important to keep things like: conversion rates, average order value, website speed, backups, and event tracking on your radar. These are the types of things we do for ROKA Sports and we’d be happy to do them for you too. Let’s talk about your eCommerce website and see how we can help make you more successful.


    • Solves Shopify’s 100 variant limit
    • Allows ROKA to sell a custom offering, which isn’t a feature of their ecommerce platform
    • Auto-pulls in prices and active product variants
    • Utilizes a pre-order option to keep conversion rate high when products are out of stock


    • Exponential growth in the sunglasses and eyewear markets
    • 40% faster collection page load time
    • Less than 4s load time on pages
    • 95 Google Page Speed score on Europe and United Kingdom stores
    • Purchased by large sports teams such as the USA Olympic Triathlon team
    • Boosts profit margin with custom offering
    • Passes ADA Compliance testing


    • ReactJS
    • Amazon Web Services
    • Shopify APIs
    • Contentful CMS
    • Google Optimize