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The National Rugby League

A rugby player passes the ball


We made the National Rugby League's image processing more efficient for photographers in (and on) the field

The National Rugby League needed an image uploader their photographers use to upload the hundreds of images they take during rugby matches. Photographers need to submit the images as soon as the match ends so they do it while still on the field. We had to ensure the web application was easy to use and operated well over cellular signal.

The overall goal was to enable them to search through these images quickly, using their third-party cataloging software. So we developed a system to accurately tag each image with metadata necessary for indexing.

Services Provided

  • Site Analysis
  • User Interface Development
  • Web Application Development
  • Data Architecture


  • Amazon S3
  • Custom Javascript

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A rugby scrum

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User Interface Development

When uploading images, their photographers needed to be able to tag them with information about the teams, athletes, matches, and other items. So they needed the web application updated to send this additional information with the images in a specific format.

So we rearchitected and rebuilt the image asset uploader using JavaScript and Amazon S3, among other tools. Their photographers are now able to easily submit and tag these photos with the correct metadata.

Data Architecture

These additional features made it easier for photographers to submit the correct information upfront, while it was fresh in their minds. This reduces the amount of incorrect information being submitted.

The additional meta tagging also made it easier for NRL to search for the images they needed more quickly. This allows their content marketers to save time and find images that speak to their audiences more directly.

National Rugby League Web Development


Saves time searching through massive sets of images

100s of images per upload

Ensures correct image information is being submitted