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What We Offer

Site Analysis

We review your current site and look for ways to improve it to align with your business goals.

Analytics Assessments | Competitive Analysis | Checkout Funnel Audits | Design Audits | Speed Testing | Accessibility Audits

User Experience Design

Our experienced designers create beautiful, customer-focused user experiences that are easy to navigate and on brand. Our CEO is NN/g UX Design Certified, ensuring our designs product KPIs and conversions that are on point.

Style Discovery | Commerce-led Design | Component Design | Accessibility Design

User Interface Development

With a clearly defined strategy in place, Shopify Plus and headless eCommerce developers put their heads down to deliver intuitive user interfaces for your store or SaaS platform.

Responsive HTML/CSS | Shopify & Shopify Plus | Headless Ecommerce Development | ReactJS Development | JavaScript | ADA Compliant Development | Speed Optimization

Web Application Development

Extend the functionality of your ecommerce website or SaaS platform with custom web applications and APIs built to your specifications and intended to scale.

Custom Applications | Product Customizer Apps | API Development | Static Site Generation | Hosting

User Testing

Gather actionable data from real users to identify conversion blockers on your site. This helps pinpoint issues, pain points, and areas for improvement; leading to a more user-friendly and effective digital platform that enhances customer satisfaction.

Qualitative Testing | Quantitative Testing | Usability Heuristics Audits | A/B Tests | ADA Compliance Audits

Project Management

As a pivotal role, your PM is your main communication link who oversees projects. Constantly planning, allocating resources, setting deadlines, and guiding team members to ensure successful project execution and a seamless user experience.

Long-Term Planning | Goal-Driven Projects


Amazon Web Services
Contentful CMS
Prismic CMS

As members of the Amazon Web Services Partner Network, we have access to exclusive AWS technical training. As such, our team is well versed in AWS tools, architecture, features, and scalability. Using AWS helps us achieve our goal of being readily able to support and respond to each client's growing needs.

As registered Shopify Partners, we’re familiar with Shopify APIs, headless Shopify integrations and customizing Shopify Plus. Our Partnership status allows us to have access to training courses and in-depth documentation. We also have access to insider information about Shopify's product roadmap, previews of upcoming features, and Partner support to quickly resolve questions.

Additionally, our CEO is Nielsen Norman Group UX Certified. NN/g is a leader in the UX research field. They conduct groundbreaking research and training.

View our portfolio to see how we use these technologies to come up with innovative solutions for our clients.

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